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Welcome to "Safe Together: Ask for Nik," our dedicated safety initiative aimed at fostering a secure environment for children aged 9-16 as they navigate the streets on their way home from school or other activities. In a world filled with uncertainties, ensuring the well-being of our young ones is paramount. This program encourages a sense of community vigilance and commitment to collective safety. Together, let's create a protective network that empowers our children and reinforces the notion that safety is a shared responsibility.


"Safe Together" seamlessly extends its protective umbrella to shops, ensuring a comprehensive safety net for children navigating their way home. In collaboration with local businesses, our initiative introduces a simple yet effective strategy for young individuals to seek assistance discreetly. If a child feels uneasy on the streets, they can confidently enter a shop and inquire, "Is Nik working?" or "Is Nik on the shop floor?" These carefully crafted phrases act as a secure code, prompting immediate attention and assistance from the shop staff. By fostering this connection between the community and local businesses, "Safe Together" transforms shops into safe havens, reinforcing the commitment to collective well-being and providing a reassuring environment for our young members.


The WHY 

We were all affected by knife crime in one way or another. 99 young people under the age of 25 were murdered with a knife or sharp object in 2022. 13 of these were under the age of 16 and 81% of the people who were stabbed last year sadly died. THIS is why we decided to tackle knife crime. 


Project Partner   

Our project Partner is ASDA, they are onboard in our endeavour to promote street safety for children.


Our project's primary goal is to create safer streets specifically tailored to ensure the well-being of our youngest community members. With ASDA's generous funding and unwavering support, we aim to implement innovative safety measures and raise awareness about the importance of child-friendly street environments.


Together, we strive to reduce antisocial behaviour, and fatalities among children on the roads, ultimately enhancing their safety and quality of life within our communities. Furthermore, partnering with ASDA to sell our 'Safe Together' keychains in their stores highlights their commitment to supporting local initiatives and fostering a culture of safety.










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