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Sheffield Park Academy is committed to the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, mental and physical development of every student.

This is reflected in the ethos of the school and its curriculum, especially the framework within which personal, social and health education (PSHE) is taught.

PSHE is split into two strands: Personal Wellbeing and Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability: 

Personal Wellbeing helps young people to feel positive about themselves and enjoy healthy, safe, responsible and fulfilled lives. Students recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, school and communities. Personal wellbeing helps students explore, reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes. They learn to identify and articulate emotions, manage new or difficult situations positively, and form and maintain effective relationships with others.

Economic wellbeing and Financial Capability aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work. They learn to manage their money and finances effectively, and be enterprising. Students are encouraged to see the relevance of what they learn in school to their future lives. It expands their horizons for action by challenging stereotyping, discrimination and other cultural and social barriers to choice. It helps students aim high. Students build a positive and realistic view of their needs and capabilities so that they can make effective learning plans and decisions. They become aware of changing career opportunities, and develop their knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about which choices to make. 

PSHE is delivered through core curriculum areas such as RE, Science, the Humanities and through the Academy’s Form Tutorial programme, weekly assemblies as well as ACE (Alternative Curriculum Education) days. Areas of study include:

Drugs Education: the classification of drugs; health and legal implications; social and cultural views and differences. 

Sex and Relationships Education: the emphasis is on building healthy relationships and self-esteem, and includes reproduction, puberty, contraception, STI’s and family life. (Under the Education Act of 1993, parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of sex education, but not from the teaching of the biological aspects of human growth and reproduction necessary in National Curriculum Science. In the event of a parent wishing to withdraw their child from this provision, application must be made in writing to the Headteacher.)

Life Skills: finance skills; basic First Aid; careers education; preparation for post-14 and post-16 choices. 

Physical Health Education: self-image; preventative healthcare and healthy eating.

Mental Health Education: conflict resolution; assertive behaviour; stress and anxiety management. 


At Sheffield Park Academy, we want our students to leave school with an understanding of the political, legal and economic functions of adult society, and with the social and moral awareness to thrive in this society.

Citizenship is about enabling students to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities. 

Citizenship helps students to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges. It gives them a voice, in the life of Sheffield Park Academy, in their community and in society in general. It enables them to make a positive contribution by developing the expertise and experience needed to claim their rights and understand their responsibilities and prepare them for the challenge and opportunities of adult and working life.

The essential elements of Citizenship Education include: 

Knowledge and Understanding: about topics such as laws and rules, democracy, human rights, justice, freedom and the world as a global community.

Skills and Aptitudes: expressing opinions, taking part in discussions and debates, participating in community action. 

Values and Dispositions: respect for justice and democracy, openness, tolerance, a willingness to listen to, work with and stand up for others.

The following link will allow you to view how PSHE and Citizenship are mapped across our curriculum:  http://www.gridmaker.net/sheffieldpark/ Password: sheffieldpark-guest

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