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A level French



Entry Requirements:

Students will need to have obtained at least 5 Grade 5s or above, including English and Maths. Plus, subject specific criteria for each intended subject at A Level:


French - at least a Grade 6 at GCSE.



French is an exciting, demanding subject that opens up routes to many university courses and rewarding careers, and gives a good understanding of the world around us.

Studying A-level Edexcel French at Sheffield Park Academy, you will cover the following:

Year 1:

Theme 1: Les changements dans la société française

Theme 1 is set in the context of France only. This theme covers social issues and trends.

  • Les changements dans les structures familiales - Les changements dans les attitudes envers le mariage, les couples et la famille.
  • L’éducation - Le système éducatif et les questions estudiantines.
  • Le monde du travail - La vie active en France et les attitudes envers le travail; le droit à la grève; l’égalité des sexes

Theme 2: la culture politique et artistique dans les pays francophones

Theme 2 is set in the context of Francophone countries and communities. This theme covers artistic culture and political and artistic culture.

  • La musique - Les changements et les développements; l’impact de la musique sur la culture populaire.
  • Les médias - La liberté d’expression; la presse écrite et en ligne; l’impact sur la société et la politique.
  • Les festivals et les traditions - Les festivals, fêtes, coutumes et traditions.

Year 2:

Theme 3: L’immigration et la société multiculturelle française

Theme 3 is set in the context of France only. This theme covers social issues and trends.

  • L’impact positif de l’immigration sur la société française - Les contributions des immigrés à l’économie et à la culture.
  • Repondre aux défis de l’immigration et de l’intégration en France - Les activités des communautés; la marginalisation et l’aliénation du point de vue des immigrés.
  • L’extrème droite - La montée du Front National; les leaders du Front National; l’opinion publique.

Theme 4: L’Occupation et la Résistance

  • La France occupée - La collaboration; l’antisémitisme
  • Le regime de Vichy - Le Maréchal Petain et la Révolution nationale
  • La Résistance - Jean Moulin, Charles de Gaulle et les femmes de la résistance; l’implication des français dans la Résistance

Literacy and film

You will also study one literacy text No et Moi and one movie La haine.

You will be expected to develop a detailed understanding and appreciation of both the book and the film by writing critical and analytical responses in French.

Individual Research project:

You will have to identify a subject or a key question which is of your interest and which relates to a country or countries where French is spoken. You must select relevant information in French from a range of sources including the internet. The aim of the research project is to develop research skills. You will demonstrate your ability to initiate and conduct individual research by analysing and summarising your findings, in order to present and discuss them in the speaking assessment.


French is a fully exam-assessed course. You will be tested on your understanding of written and spoken French and will also have a written and speaking assessment, each of them counting for 25% of the mark.

What students say:

French is more than just the study of the language; it teaches you about cultural and social aspects of French speaking countries while enabling you to learn how to work and research independently.
Beza – Y12


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