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Measuring the impact of Pupil Premium spending:
The impact of the pupil premium spending will be measured through comparison of progress and outcomes for Y11 pu-
pils in the 2017-18 GCSE exams with progress and outcomes in previous years. At each of the 6 assessment points
throughout the academic year, the progress being made by disadvantaged pupils is measured against that of their non-
disadvantaged peers and interventions are implemented in any areas where they are required.
The wider impact of Pupil Premium spending will also be measured through comparing the
progress and attainment of Y7-10 pupils in all subject areas, but particularly English, maths
and science.
A full ASDTi Classroom Climate survey of all pupils will be taken in the summer term. This will
be compared to the previous years’ survey results. Responses from pupils in receipt of Pupil
Premium will be compared to those from non-disadvantaged pupils.
The academy council, comprising of elected pupils from each year group will be asked to dis-
cuss the Pupil Premium plan and their views will be recorded and considered when planning
for 2018-19.
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