Sheffield Park Academy November Newsletter 2016 - page 6

Sheffield Park Academy - Newsletter November 2016
The academy’s Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students undertook their first ACE Day of the year just before
the half term break. Those involved studied a number of different topics based on the theme
of safety, developing an understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe, especially
during dark nights.
The students also took part in work on decision
making and how to conduct themselves in wider
society, as well as learning how to conduct CPR
and administer basic first aid.
In addition, Year 10 students attended a session
run by the Gold Digger Trust entitled ‘Choose
Your Own Adventure,’ illustrating how a series of
from homelessness to wealth.
Manchester United
to watch Manchester United in their Europa Cup league fixture
against Turkish side Fenerbache on the 20th October. In a
collaborative trip between Sheffield Springs Academy and
Sheffield Park Academy, students set off for the match in good
spirits. The match itself started well, with United soon on top,
scoring two penalties through Pogba and Martial. Pogba then
scored the pick of the bunch, lashing a lay off into the top
corner, all before half time. After the break, Lingard struck a
super goal from the edge of the box before the game petered
out. Fenerbache ‘huffed and puffed’ but didn’t have
the quality or the pace to upset United. However,
near the end United favourite Robin Van Persey
slotted home from three yards and earned himself
a standing ovation from a benevolent Manchester
United crowd. This goal was missed by the Springs
students, as they made an early exit. However, they
had the last laugh when they were safely tucked up
in bed, prior to our return home at 1am!
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