Sheffield Park Academy Newsletter February 2017 - page 7

IVF pioneer LordWinston visits the Academy
Sheffield Park Academy - Newsletter February 2017
Leading scientist Lord Robert Winston explored the meaning of life and
everything else with students when he visited Sheffield Park Academy
Famous for his work on the development of IVF, LordWinston was due
to give a talk to VI Form and Year 11 Science and History students on
the history of genetics, but expanded this to cover the importance of
science in everything, as well as the continual need for research and
Asked about his greatest
achievement, he spoke
passionately about his family – he
has three children and linked this
to the importance of the ‘next
Commenting on Professor
Winston’s visit, Craig Dillon,
Executive Principal of Sheffield Park Academy, said:
“We’re incredibly fortunate to have had someone of LordWinston’s
calibre visit the academy. It was particularly rewarding to see our
students so engaged, with their passion for Science coming across
in their questions to LordWinston. Hopefully we’ll have had some
scientific pioneers of our own in the audience!”
Rewards trip
A group of Year 8 students experienced the indoor cycling track at the National Cycling Centre Manchester.
The students were selected because of their exceptional effort and progress during assessment point two,
making more than expected progress across all subjects.
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