Sheffield Park Academy Newsletter February 2017 - page 4

Sheffield Park Academy - Newsletter February 2017
Outward BoundTrust
December’s Outward BoundTrust residential week in Aberdovey,Wales was a great success.
The Trust works in partnership with secondary schools and colleges to
deliver 5 day outdoor residential experiences, which are tailored tomeet the
individual needs of each student, whilst embedding the aspirations and the
values of theAcademy. The coursedealtwithhowsoft skills andexperiences
can be transferred back into the home, school or working environment.
The 11 students taking part were challenged from the word go, focusing on
team work, resilience and organisational skills. Students were also put in a
number of challenging situations, including a pier jump into the icy waters
of the Irish Sea, climbing and canoeing. The trip culminated in a twoday over
night wild camping expedition in theWelshMountains.
A special mention goes to Year 9 student Hugo who showed himself as a
natural leader and was offered a scholarship to the Outward Bound Trust in
the summer of 2018, where he will spend the week with students from all
over the country.
Specific andmeasurable course outcomes included:
• Increased confidence and improved personal and emotional wellbeing
• Improved relationships with others
• Increased resilience
• Increased confidence in learning
• Increased knowledge and understanding of the natural environment.
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