Sheffield Park Academy Newsletter December 2017 - page 7

Going for Gold!
Sheffield Park Academy
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The academy unveiled its new Year 10 and Sixth Form student
ambassadors in a special ‘gold tie’ presentation held at the school.
Acting as role models both inside and outside the school, the
ambassadors had to go through a rigorous selection process,
submitting a written application and making a presentation on a
positive change they would make within the academy, followed by
the interview stage.
Successful applicants then attended an induction session, before
finally receiving their ambassador’s gold tie from the academy’s Head
of School, Claire Bailey.
The new student ambassadors for Year 10 and the Sixth Form are:
Candice Park, Toluwani Bolaji, Reece Bennett, Aleksa Nikolova, Bianka
Gal, Wafa Omar, Bodour Fannoush, Sana Khan, Faiad Hussain, Zaakir
Hussain, Yasmin Begum, Chimwemwe Nkhata, Ikra Amin, Riksa Amin,
Matthew Tomlinson, Neelam Sajid and
Igyaar Abdirahman.
Commented Mrs Bailey:
“The role of ambassador is incredibly important, with each one representing
the best interests of the school at all times and helping ensure that all of our
students have access to peer support whenever it’s required. We wish them
well in their new roles and look forward to working with them to help bring
out the best in everyone here at Sheffield Park Academy.”
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