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Peer marking and self-
assessment used to ad-
dress SPAG errors
Additional literacy re-
sources in T:drive used
by class teachers, fo-
cused on ten common
SPAG errors.
Mathematical reasoning –
using correct terminology
when answering questions
Students are provided with
problem solving exam prac-
tice booklets on weekly ba-
Building cultural capi-
Opportunities to participate
in extra-curricular activities,
e.g. KS3 debating club,
'Speak Out' Competition.
Theatre trips/visiting theatre
companies in relation to KS3
SOW. KS3 SOW encourages
wider engagement with the
world, historical and socio-
logical issues and current
events. Visits from authors,
local authors. Engagement
with feeder schools to create
continuity between KS2 and
The main barriers to progress and attainment for Pupil Premium pupils at Sheffield Park Academy (and other pupils that
may also be affected by degrees of disadvantage) are:
Lack of confidence in reading, which can impede the development of spelling, punctuation and grammar
Fewer opportunities to socialise with, meet with or network with professional people from a range of back-
grounds and occupations and to capitalise upon these relationships when making choices about future educa-
tional or career pathways
Little experience of tertiary or higher education, affecting confidence in planning for and taking the necessary
steps to secure the skills and qualifications needed to access these
Additional responsibilities at home such as looking after younger siblings
For the most gifted pupils, the lack of the challenge that can be presented by being surrounded by a greater
number of equally or more gifted pupils can impede access to the highest possible grades.
Parents and teachers who may view ‘passing’ as being good enough rather than encouraging the pupil to strive
for the highest possible grade.
Less access to the (prohibitively expensive) ‘extras’ that can bring learning to life, such as going to the theatre.
In order to maximise the impact of this funding upon progress and attainment, the academy has adopted a highly
individualised approach to supporting the ‘pupil premium cohort’, which is based on the rigorous use of data at 6
‘assessment points’ throughout the year. We supplement bespoke interventions for individuals, targeted towards
addressing the deficiencies in their learning (identified through their ‘AP Assessments’ and from ‘question level analysis’
in mock examinations) with ‘overarching strategies’ that are designed to impact upon larger groups of pupils.
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