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above, students are pro-
vided with problem solving
exam practice booklets on
weekly basis. These are
also used during the morn-
ing and Saturday revision
sessions. Some students
are with-drawn from les-
sons to work in small
groups to develop their lit-
eracy in mathematics and
problem solving skills. Stu-
dents are provided with
CGP revision and practice
books. Students are set
weekly exam type problem
solving questions in He-
garty Maths and their pro-
gress is monitored and ar-
eas of weaknesses are
identified. All areas of
weaknesses identified are
addressed during the
morning and Saturday revi-
sion sessions.
Reading comprehen-
Variety of texts used to
challenge students.
Reading comprehension
part of every lesson
Form time literacy les-
sons designed to support
literacy and comprehen-
sion skills
Weekly reading lessons
as part of the Acceler-
ated reader programme
Applying correct mathe-
matical function to prob-
Key words are identified
during lessons and stu-
dents are encouraged to
highlight all the key words
when solving prob-
lems. They then decide on
what skills are needed to
solve the problem. Stu-
dents are encouraged to
split any worded questions
into steps and decide what
skills are needed to be used
to answer each step.
KS3 Aps designed to mir-
ror the GCSE P1 Q4
Sentence starters and
strategies developed
AQA Marker training for
Collaboration with SSA
and external agencies to
further refine strategies
(UL English Advisor Visit)
Form time literacy les-
sons designed to support
inference skills
Maths fluency
Students are assessed on
weekly basis using the flu-
ency maths tests and their
progress is monitored and
areas of weaknesses are
identified and these are ad-
dressed during the morning
and Saturday revision ses-
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