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The Year 7 Catch-Up Premium at Sheffield Park Academy
Principal of the Funding
The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up
Premium gives state-funded schools
additional funding to support year 7 pupils
who did not achieve the expected
standard in reading or maths at the end of
Key Stage 2 (KS2).
The ‘expected standard’ is derived from the
scaled scores achieved by pupils in their
Year 6 National Curriculum tests (SATs) in
mathematics, English reading and English
grammar, punctuation and spelling. Each
pupil’s scaled score is based on their raw
score, which is the total number of marks they scored in their tests, based on the number of questions
they answered correctly.
The raw scores pupils achieve in the tests are then converted into scaled scores, to ensure that
accurate comparisons of performance over time can be made.
A scaled score of 100 will always represent the ‘expected standard’ on the test. Pupils scoring at least
100 will have met the expected standard on the test. The Catch-Up Premium is provided to secondary
schools to support them in ensuring that every pupil in Y7 who did not meet the ‘expected standard’
in mathematics or English can be given additional support.
Allocated Funding
In 2016-17, Sheffield Park Academy received £29,592 in Catch-Up Premium funding. This amount is
now allocated on the basis that schools receive the same overall amount of Year 7 catch-up as they
received in 2015-16 but adjusted to reflect the change in size of the Year 7 cohort between the
October censuses.
The Academy will receive its 2017-18 allocation on 1st March 2018. We anticipate that this figure will
be around £29,592.
Identifying and Supporting Catch-Up Premium Pupils
The Academy uses the detailed breakdown provided in the ‘Question Level Analysis’ function of the
ASP (Analyse School Performance) service to identify the specific pupils and / or micro-populations in
which our new Y7 pupils did not reach the expected standard. We then use the analysis of this
information to tailor our provision for these pupils to meet their needs and accelerate their progress
in mathematics, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
The Bridge – ‘Aspire’ Programme
The Bridge is intended to be a ‘school within a school’ and is a warm, inviting area where pupils with
a range of additional needs can feel secure, supported and at home.
The ‘Aspire’ programme is for pupils who are identified through baseline testing (and at each
subsequent assessment point) as not making progress in line with their peers in the Academy’s Key
Stage 3 STEPs assessment programme.
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